The greatest one of all

You know, sometimes people can really surprise you. It was one of those days where I found myself in that situation where I just couldn’t quite understand why certain people treat others (act) the way they do. These are the type of people that make it hard for others to love them – they make you want to punch them in the face!


During this past year I’ve been really working on that one commandment, “LOVE” – the greatest one of all. That’s right! I’ve been asking God to help me love like He loves. It didn’t take me long to noticed that which I was asking God for was not going to be easy. I quickly realized that God was allowing different unpleasant situations (people) to cross my path in order to teach me how to love, and boy oh, boy it has been a real challenge.

This morning as I was writing, a verse came to my mind, Matthew 5:46 – If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that?” Uh yeah, OUCH! That one slapped me right in the face. Basically what it’s saying here is that if I choose to only love the ones that are “easy to love/lovable”, I am no better than, let’s say, the “worst kind of people”. Therefore, unless I am loving the unlovable, I am not loving like God loves. After reading that I quickly stepped down my high horse and got my act straight again. You see, there will be times when you will get angry or disappointed at certain people and you will want to cut them loose, but then the Holy Spirit reminds you of that one commandment – the GREATEST one of all!


D. Arelis XO