Who God says you are

  1. You are the child of the Most High God.
  2. You are made in His image.
  3. You are flawless.
  4. You are CHOSEN, HOLY, and LOVED.
  5. You are the HEAD and not the tail; ABOVE and not beneath.
  6. You are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made.
  7. You are the apple of His eye.
  8. You already possess everything to become GREAT.
  9. You are clothed with STRENGTH and DIGNITY.
  10. You are made for such a time as this.

Many of us need a reminder. We need to be reminded that thoughts aren’t facts. Our past is not who we are; our mistakes do not define us. We need to learn to view ourselves through heaven’s eyes. So be aware of negative, critical, emotionally abusive self-talk. Let’s shift our perspective to heaven’s perspective today!

D. Arelis XO



This verse is well known to almost every woman of this generation. The reason I say this is because I’ve come across this verse many times on the Internet. It has become a quote that is being used by not only believers but by non-believers as well. I almost dare to say that some do not even know that it’s a Bible verse.

God created the woman in a very special way. We are beings that can support a great amount of pain, both physically and emotionally but we still manage to keep our head up high. We are strong; we are courageous – we are fighters. We are as delicate as a flower and our complexity is what makes us extraordinary. However, we are gentle and deserve to be treated with love and care. We are intelligent and beautiful in every way; we are women.

Esther was a woman clothed with strength and dignity. She was the one chosen by God to save the Israelites from an ethnic cleansing that was going to take place. She was strong and courageous an determined; there was nothing that was going to stop her from standing against the edict of the king, even though she was well aware that she could have been killed in the process. In those days, no man or woman was allowed to come before the king without an invitation. However even so, in all boldness she entered in and pleaded for her people, just like God instructed her to do.

I cannot even imagine how scared Esther must have been the moment she appeared uninvited before the king. But God was with her, and I am sure that she knew that He was going before her. This righteous woman obeyed the instructions her God in all humbleness and therefore received favor in the eyes of the king – anything she requested was given to her.

Now today we often times find ourselves in similar situations. We get instructions from God to do something but that inner voice keeps telling us that we’re not equipped or good enough to do whatever we were send to do.

“She can laugh at the days to come.” What does this mean? This means that you can be confident that your future, your plans are in the hands of the Almighty God. You can laugh in the face of adversity because you know that greater is He that lives within you than he that is in the world. But this can only become real in your life when you start to perceive your entire being through His eyes.

Ladies, we are clothed with strength and dignity and what God has appointed us to do can certainly be done, don’t be afraid. Step boldly into the mission field and fight the good fight – be strong and courageous for the Lord your God goes with you.

D. Arelis XO

*Devotion taken from “Made For Such A Time As This”