Setting boundaries

The way you allow people to treat you says a lot about your character. Having boundaries means having the strength to say ‘no’ – having the courage to step away from anything that is not healthy for you, physically or mentally. Once you lay your cards on the table and stand for what you believe in, people will either respect you and stay, or just walk away.

Two important points that could help when setting up boundaries:

  1. Do not compromise your belief just because you’re afraid of being rejected. 
  2. Do not lower your standards for anyone. 

Now you may ask yourself, “what are my limits?” What’s a deal breaker for me?” “Where do I draw the line?” Write them down. Perhaps you think you have standards but in reality you do not. Therefore it is good to write them down so they can be visual to you.

    You see, not having standards might be the reason why you always end up heartbroken and hurting. How you let people treat you is a reflection of how you view yourself. So start setting some boundaries. If you know that you deserve the best and that you’re worth it all, then lowering your standards should not even be an option!