“As a man thinketh, so is he…”

Sometimes we focus more on removing toxic people from our lives and forget to remove our own toxicity. Yes, we all have toxic behaviors.

Our thoughts are extremely powerful. Imagine you have a peeled lemon in your hand. Now visualize yourself taking a bite out of this lemon. I bet your mouth is watery now, right?

This is a perfect example of how your thoughts can control your reality. Even though you know that in reality you’re not biting a lemon, your mind perceives it as a reality and because your brain thinks as such, it starts sending signals to the glands in your mouth which then causes you to salivate.

Now, the same goes for those self-destructive thoughts you allow to go through your mind daily. One thought affects your entire being by making you depressed; making you lose your appetite; interrupt your sleeping pattern – it controls your reality. These thoughts become a habit. Luckily, a habit that can be dealt with. How?

Let’s look at it from a biological perspective. Neural pathways are formed in our brain when we start creating habits. These habits consist of negative, repetitive thoughts. Repetitive thoughts form neural pathways in our mind and the more these thoughts are reinforced, the stronger these pathways become and the more automatically they become.

Now, in order to deal with the habit, you need to first of all, understand that new habits take approximately 18 days to 254 days to form. So be patience. Patience is one of the first steps towards the habit. Secondly, speak against that thought and replace it with the opposite regardless of how you’re feeling.

In conclusion, it’s basically the “law of attraction”. Change your mindset and you will change your ways. Start forming constructive pathways today!


D. Arelis XO