Deinah Bernabela 

DEINAH BERNABELA, is a freelance writer, blogger, speaker, Psychology graduate of Webster University and founder of Bookpages. She was born and raised on one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Throughout her early twenties she moved to America to pursue her education. It was there where she developed a passion for writing. However, it wasn’t until she moved to the Netherlands in 2010, that she decided to further develop that skill.

Furthermore, she is not only known for her inspirational writings through blogging but also for her published books: “Made for such a time as this” and “Affirmations for The Soul”, as well as for her articles on

One thought on “Deinah Bernabela 

  1. Hi deinah. I knew you in Aruba many years ago when me and my wife Yelitza visited Aruba. I don’t know if you remember but anyway looking at your blog I’m pleased to see what the Lord Jesuschrist it’s doing in your life and how He’s blessing you all the time. Keep going Because to serve the lord it’s the best thing that anybody can do. Me and my family are living since 7 years now in Madrid. We are friends of ovandi and Ina. We would like to see you if you go to Madrid sometime. If you have whatsapp you can contact us at +34622210424. Say hi to your dad and your mom. The best wishes and blessings for you. Bye.

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