So I was asked by a colleague to write about my morning routine. So here it is.

My mornings start around 6am. I wake up and first thing I do is put on worship music. Worship gets me going. It brings my life into balance and gives me energy to face the day. Lately I’ve been trying to get up earlier in order to squeeze a 30min yoga session into my routine but I fail each time my alarm goes off at 5:30am. Yea, I’m not so much of a morning person.

Afterwards, I take a shower and start getting ready for work. When I’m done prepping, I go down stairs to the kitchen, drink a cup of hot water with a prune or two (to get my digestion moving), while I’m making myself a green smoothie with spinach and whatever else I have in the kitchen at that moment.

Then last but not least, I take my dose of vitamins for the day which are, Omega 3, iron supplements, vitamin C, B12 and Forever Living Nature-Min and off I go.

D. Arelis XO

Change is good


Through the years I’ve learned that with change comes new challenges – new opportunities. I personally love trying out new things. For example, several months ago I was wrestling with the thought of becoming a vegetarian. Yes, I wanted to cut out meat completely from my diet. However, at the same time I hesitated to do so because to be honest, I thought to myself “what if I won’t be able to commit to my decision? Am I going to miss eating all this food that I know will not do my body any good?” So at the time, I decided to set my awesome plan on hold. I couldn’t step into something life-changing with a doubtful mind.

A few months later, December 2013 to be exact, I made up my mind. I started to inform myself on healthy eating by reading articles on nutrition and health. Now as I was gathering information and marinating my thoughts on what ended up being my final decision, I realized that this choice was a personal one, a choice that only I could make and that it was going to be one that will benefit no one else but me. I did not decide to change because someone else talked me into doing so. If that were the case, I would probably have given up in the process because it wouldn’t have been my personal conviction.

In relation to all this, God used this “changing experience” to show me how our spiritual lives can somewhat relate. As believers, often times people will tell us how we should live our lives, what we should do or not do. One thing I’ve learned throughout the years is that if you’ve not received that personal conviction in your heart, you will have a hard time changing your patterns – whatever it may be. Don’t do something because someone else is telling you to do so; do it because you want to and you know that it is good.

“Changing can be like climbing a mountain; to reach the top it is hard work…”, of course this can be applicable to all parts of our lives, especially our spiritual lives. The moment you decide to give your life to Christ, you have to change your worldly patterns, which can be a challenge. However, “…once you’re there you will see things you’ve never seen before”, you can be certain that once you’re walking in the perfect and acceptable will of God, you will begin to experience Him on a whole other level.

D. Arelis XO