Valentine’s Day

It is known as the most romantic day of the year. A day to give and receive love from your friends/loved ones/partner. A day that has become a commercialized holiday for the business industry. But for some it is also Single Awareness Day. It’s a day where they are reminded that they have no one; that they’re all alone – no friends, no family.

But I just want to say something about this holiday today. Regardless of how it all started and the story behind it, Valentine’s day reminds me of God’s everlasting love for mankind. I’m not going to say anything about “being single is much better than being in a relationship” or any of that psychobabble. What I want to emphasize on today is simple, WITHOUT GOD THERE IS NO LOVE. Without God we wouldn’t know how to celebrate Valentine’s Day; we wouldn’t know what love is because God IS LOVE!

So today I just want to reflect on that. “We love because He first loved us!” – 1 John 4:19

Let’s celebrate LOVE!!


D. Arelis XO